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A Resource Guide to Christianity and Homosexuality

Here at FPL I write often about my Christian faith and am also a vocal ally of the LGBTQ community and a proponent of same-sex marriage. I haven't spent a ton of time on here defending the fact that I hold all of these beliefs simultaneously, mostly because I don't see it as a contradiction, but also because there are many other resources out there that do a much more thorough job than I could of arguing against those who believe this is a contradiction. It has been argued from a rational standpoint, a Biblical standpoint, an emotional standpoint, and so on. Rather than reiterating what others have said better, I have compiled a list of resources here. These include both Side A and Side B perspectives and those of both straight and gay/lesbian/bisexual individuals.

I invite anyone to suggest additional resources by e-mailing me at jessica -at - faithpermeatinglife dot com. Please note that I have not read/watched everything on this list, and some people listed here may have viewpoints I disagree with.

Articles and blog posts
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What did I miss? Send me an e-mail at jessica -at- faithpermeatinglife dot com. Thanks!

Thanks to Melissa at Permission to Live and Kimberly at Coming Out Christian for pointing me to a bunch of these!
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